Remove wood paneling - this is how it works

Old wood paneling often has a problem with the sealing behind the panels. Here, mold, dust and moisture accumulate. At the same time, the wood paneling is very much subject to fashion and is no longer desirable, especially in dark shades today. We will show you how to remove the wood paneling without ruining the wall.

Remove the wooden panel step by step

  • Putty / gypsum
  • Tiefengrund
  • primer
  • Adhesive plaster / cement mixture
  • spatula
  • sponge board
  • Chisel / cow foot
  • trowel
  • screwdriver
  • tongs

1. Remove strips and panels

First, you should remove the end strips with the cow foot or crowbar. If you do not know how to fix the individual boards of the fairing, you can now look into the gap with a flashlight.

2. Remove the panels

You have a problem when the panels are glued to the wall. The old cement plaster will probably say goodbye to the panels. However, if the panels are nailed, you can replace them with the crowbar. If possible, work along the substructure so that the wall is damaged as little as possible.

3. Remove the substructure

The substructure is usually bolted. You should unscrew the screws and not break. You can then turn one screw a little into each dowel and then pull the dowel out of this screw. So the dowel does not tear even larger holes in the wall.

4. Repair wall

You can close a few small dowel holes with a little bit of plaster or putty. However, if the old wood paneling has caused major damage, you will probably have to remove the remaining loose plaster. Then the surface is pretreated with a primer or a primer. Then you can use the trowel and some cement plaster to repair the area. Smooth the plaster with the sponge board.

Tips & Tricks

If the wood paneling on the ceiling or a wall is just too dark for you, there are now durable colors that adhere well even on older profile boards. Mostly, the wood only needs to be leached with vinegar to pick up the new color. How about making an ugly old brown wood paneling into a modern white wood paneling that suits both country style and vintage or shabby chic.

Video Board: DIY-Removing Wood Paneling