Expertly paint wood panels

Originally as wood panels ceiling and wall coverings were called. Today, however, the elements of wooden floors are also called wood panels. Accordingly, the painting of the wood panels differs between, for example, ceiling and floor panels. Below you will find a detailed guide that takes into account all the specifics of painting the various wood panels.

There are not only wooden panels

The word panel comes from among other things from the Low German and is now a nationwide term. Originally a panel labeled wooden panels used as wall or ceiling paneling. However, the name has long been used for various wooden elements, such as panels for the floor, even plastic and steel sheet panels and even solar panels are there. However, the most common name is solid wood elements and veneered parts. In the preparation you have to differentiate mainly between the following wooden panels.

  • Wooden panels for ceiling and wall cladding
  • Wooden panels as flooring

The difference is in particular the selection of the right paints and varnishes. For wood panels as floor coverings, these must be a much more durable and resistant. When buying the corresponding paints and paints, you should always specify the intended use of the wood panels in specialist shops.

Step-by-step instructions for painting wood panels

  • primer
  • Paint or paint system (synthetic resin paint, acrylic paint, etc.)
  • suitable abrasives
  • Grease cleaner or turpentine substitute
  • Duster (dust binding)
  • Paint and polyester putty
  • Masking tape
  • cover
  • Grinding machine (ground)
  • Angle or orbital sander
  • sanding block
  • Paint roller, fine-pored foam
  • suitable brush
  • Paint tray with paint scraper
  • Japan spatulas

1. Preparatory work

The preparation work can be subdivided into grinding, filling and grinding as well as cleaning and masking.

Sanding the wooden panels

You just have to roughen untreated wood panels. If old paints or paints are on the panels, you should preferably sand them down completely for the most professional possible result. Especially with veneers at the edges and edges, make sure that you do not sand too deeply. Veneers only have a thickness between 0.3 and 5 mm.

Filling and sanding the wooden panels

Now you can fill minor damages with paint filler. Many veneers also have a three-dimensional wood grain. If you want to completely smooth them, you must peel off the entire panel with polyester putty and sand smooth.

Cleaning and masking the wooden panels

After the sanding and puttying work is complete, you must thoroughly clean the panels. First, wipe the wooden panels with a damp cloth with turpentine substitute or degreaser. After the cleaner has completely evaporated and dried, wipe the panels with a cloth that binds dust.

2. Priming and painting the wood panels

Delete primer

Now you can swipe the panels. Depending on the varnish used, prior treatment with primer may be required. They are allowed to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Paint basecoat

Now you can paint the base coat on the wood panels, which also contains the color particles. Often (for example, with acrylic paints with water thinning), it is advisable to paint the panels in at least two passes. So the color covers better and also shows a higher brilliance.

Paint the topcoat

After the basecoat has dried completely, you can paint the clearcoat. This is not absolutely necessary with synthetic resin paints, but acts like an additional protective seal.

Tips & Tricks

Plastic panels and laminate panels must be painted with different products. You can not grind these panels, which is why the whole process of painting is fundamentally different. Of course, you will find in the house journal also a guide to [painting laminate]. Wood panels that are used as floor coverings must be painted with paints and varnishes, which are characterized by a special abrasion resistance. In addition, the panels move under load, so they are flexible. Correspondingly elastic must be the painting of such wood panels.

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