Wooden panels painted on the ceiling in just 3 steps

The fashion and the own taste change after a few years again and again. So, whether the old panels on the ceiling are too light or too dark for you, with a little color, that can be corrected in any case. We'll show you how to paint the ceiling in just three easy steps.

Step by step painting wooden panels on the ceiling

  • acrylic paint
  • primer
  • abrasive paper
  • foil
  • masking tape
  • brush
  • paint tray
  • sander
  • Deltaschleifer
  • ladder

1. grinding

The wooden panels must first be sanded. Depending on whether there was already a colored glaze or a paint on the panels, it may be necessary that the wooden ceiling is completely sanded off. The entire surface is first processed with an orbital sander and the grooves and joints must unfortunately grind by hand with a little folded sandpaper.

2. Priming

So that the old paint and the ingredients of the wood panels do not break through later, the wood should first be sealed with a primer. If you want to paint the ceiling brightly, you should already use a dyed product with the primer.

Let us advise you on which primer you need for which type of wood so that, for example, the high resin content of a pine ceiling does not appear on your white color.

3. Swipe

It makes little sense to paint the wooden ceiling with a roller. At the recesses, the color will then drip easily, as the wood is not reached with the roller. You get so only runners and a messy paint. Apply the paint very thinly with a brush. Better you paint three passes with slightly diluted acrylic paint as a very thick coat. The result will surely reward you later for this effort.

Tips & Tricks

When covering and masking the environment you can not exaggerate. If you want to paint ceiling panels, it is really necessary to wrap the entire room in foil. Even if you later want to paint the walls, you should tape them off. Dried blobs of your ceiling color are easily overlooked and later ruin your painting or a new wallpaper.

Video Board: Painting wooden panelling – step by step