Lay wooden floor - even for beginners

Laying a wooden floor is also a worthwhile task for a beginner in home improvement. Screwing or nailing the wooden planks onto a slatted frame is not difficult and the result will be convincing later.

High quality wooden floor simply laid

If you do not have a load-bearing screed floor in your flat on which you can lay the solid planks directly, you choose a substructure made of simple slats. On this the plank is simply screwed or nailed. With a little care you can easily get to a really high quality hardwood floor.

Additional insulation well stowed

The biggest advantage of a board floor, which is laid on a substructure of slats, is the possibility to introduce there an additional insulation. With the ever rising heating costs, the insulation is the only effective protection against high costs today.

Step by step lay a wooden floorboard

  • battens
  • wood flooring
  • Screws / nails
  • insulation
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Jig saw / circular saw
  • hammer
  • spirit level
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • Bread knife (for insulation material)

1. The slats are laid out at a distance of about sixty centimeters in space and bolted to the ground. If screwing the slats on the ground is not possible, you should set small transverse blades and connect the whole scaffolding together.

2. In the individual fields between the slats, you can now bring the additional insulation. Mineral wool or glass wool can be easily cut with a bread knife.

3. The wooden planks are now either screwed or nailed across the battens. You should take the time and really fix every floorboard on all the slats. So the floor is better protected against warping even in damp conditions.

Tips & Tricks

If you have the opportunity to get packing chips or styrofoam remnants and flakes from somewhere, this floor construction is the ideal place to use such "waste" as insulation.
Likewise, remnants of mineral wool, which may have been left over from a loft conversion, are easy to process here. Since the insulation can not slip on this floor and is enclosed on both sides at the same time, you can sink all types of insulation residue into it.

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