Renovate and protect wooden planks

Old wooden floorboards often do not look nice over time. However, this wear also has negative effects on the wood itself. An outdated appearance, the constant wear and small damage should be the starting signal for a renovation of the wooden floorboards. The planks are protected at the same time and serve as jewelry on the floor for many more years.

Redevelop the wooden floorboards step by step

  • clearcoat
  • Wood wax / wood oil
  • wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • sander
  • Deltaschleifer
  • Floor grinder (for large areas)
  • spatula
  • paint roller
  • lacquer bowl
  • brush

1. grinding

If you want to sand a large area of ​​wooden planking thoroughly, it is better to borrow a floor grinder from a hardware store. The various sanding and polishing plates additionally facilitate a very fine finish. However, if the floorboards are already very old and therefore somewhat round or bowled, then you have no choice but to sand down hallway for hallway with the orbital sander.

2. Renovate

After sanding the real damage spots come to light. Often there are holes through fallen out knotholes or broken holes are present. These areas should be scratched out and filled with a wooden filler. To match the color of the putty as accurately as possible to the wood tone, you can mix some of the sanding dust in the mass. After drying, you should also sand the mass.

3. Protect

If all parts have been repaired, you can apply varnish, oil or wood wax to the plank floor. In areas where you walk a lot with street shoes, you should use a good clear coat, because the wood is better protected from stains caused by moisture and stones. The varnish should always be applied completely for planking from one wall to another. Approaches would otherwise be visible later. Always apply sparingly paint and repaint the floor if necessary.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a beautiful wooden floor, made of a type of wood that has many knotholes, you should be careful when vacuuming. The small branches are sucked in very easily, what remains is a hole in the ground. If you try to be attentive and you should land a branch in the dust bag, you should clean it and replace it with wood glue.

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