Dress wooden posts - different solutions

To decorate one or more wooden posts, there are both rustic and very stylish solutions that can be made later by yourself. Whether for visual reasons or to protect the wood of the post, you can dress a wooden post yourself. We show you the possibilities for this here.

Material determines the style

Depending on the choice of material for cladding the wooden post, you will achieve a completely different style. A wood paneling therefore often looks a bit rustic. These variants are available:

  • Wood
  • Styrofoam
  • plastic
  • sheet

Wood on wood

A ventilated panel made of cedar or larch wood lasts for a long time and does not need further treatment. The wood gets over time a nice rustic look, which looks very original. Especially the cedar wood also holds extremely long.


Half shells are suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor use. Since the half-shells are usually made on the basis of polystyrene and / or polystyrene, they absorb no moisture. In the trade there are the half-shells in different column decors, so you can make from your old wooden post relatively easy almost real Greek columns.

The trays are simply put together at the joints with polystyrene glue and hold for eternity, so to speak. Mostly a fiberglass net is inserted for the stability of the shells. The only problem may be bumps, as the panel may be somewhat pressure sensitive.

Sheet metal curtain or plastic cover

Some manufacturers offer proper sheet metal curtain systems, which are similar to curtain walling. These normally galvanized sheets are usually attached with a ventilated attachment to the wooden post. The sheet lasts a long time and does not need to be maintained regularly.

The only important thing is that the air can circulate behind the sheet, so that moisture can neither penetrate the wood nor damage the sheet from the back. But similar systems are also made of plastic. Again, the plastic plates are made similar to the corresponding plastic facades.

Tips & Tricks

Inside, wooden posts can be easily clad with plasterboard. These should be screwed and not stuck. Since wood always works something, the bonding would be easy to solve, with screwed plates that does not happen so easily.

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