Put wooden posts - instructions in 3 steps

The supporting posts are not the only important elements in a fence or rose arch. Also for a carport or a pergola you need a sturdy wooden post that can withstand the elements. How these wooden posts with a post carrier can be easily set in three steps, we show you here in the instructions.

Step by step put wooden posts

  • Ground sleeves galvanized
  • wooden posts
  • Screws stainless steel
  • weft post
  • sledgehammer
  • drilling machine
  • spirit level
  • solder
  • guide
  • angle pegs
  • spade
  • Piece of wood thin / thin tube
  • soft soap

1. Align and plan

In most cases, more than one post is needed. Then it is important that the wooden posts are at the right distance and in a straight line to each other. To do this, you either set angles if it is a building like a carport. If you want to put a fence, the posts should be strung on a string. Look twice at the selected locations to see if they are indeed the right locations.

2. hammer in the post carrier

To punch in the post carrier, you'll need a short piece of pole to beat on. Never use the later wooden posts, as these could splinter on top. When hammering, check again and again that the post support is really vertical and then correct the direction if necessary.

3. Set up the post

The wooden post is inserted in the post carrier. It is ideal if the post hangs about one centimeter in the air. This can be achieved if you underlay a short piece of heating pipe or the like. This can be easily pulled out later, if you rub it with a little soft soap before. The post is anchored in the bottom of the post carrier with stainless steel screws.

Tips & Tricks

Never use a wooden post directly in the ground. The durability is greatly reduced by the fast rot. If it is not possible to drive or screw in a post carrier, it is better to place a point foundation with a post carrier. It does a lot more work, but it also lasts many years longer and more stable.

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