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Effective wood protection

Wood preservatives are solvent or water-based products that contain active substances against wood destroyer. These ingredients contribute to the longevity of the wood. The ongoing research in laboratories allows the targeted use of active ingredients against specific wood destroyer. This is the only way to ensure that other creatures are not harmed by wood preservatives. It is especially important to process wood preservatives in accordance with regulations and to use them only in the recommended area of ​​application.

Environmentally friendly weatherproofing agents

Weatherproofing agents are glazes and paints, which protect the wood from the effects of the weather, such as sun and rain, thanks to the color pigments and binders it contains. In comparison to wood preservatives, weatherproofing agents do not contain active substances against fungal and / or insect infestation. For woods heavily exposed to moisture, weatherproofing agents should therefore be painted in combination with wood preservatives.

Wood finishing agents

Wood refining agents are used for the decorative design of wood in dry living areas and protect the wood from dirt and dust. Wood refining agents are drug-free, because in dry living areas the living conditions for pests - mainly moisture - are missing and there the wood does not need protection against pest infestation.

Structural wood protection

Structural wood protection refers to all structural measures designed to protect the wood from moisture and moisture penetration:

  • Protection against precipitation (rain):

Roofing, covering with wearing parts at Mauerbank, purlin, fence post,

Balcony railing.

  • Derivation of rainwater:

Beveling, dripping edges, water noses.

  • Protection against reflex spray water:

Keep a ground clearance of 30 cm.

  • Protection against rising damp:

Arrangement of insulating tracks.

  • Protection against condensation:

Vapor barrier, rear ventilation in formwork and tram heads, insulation of the

Cold water pipes.

  • Protection from capillary water:

Avoiding tight joints.

Structural wood preservation can indeed reduce the likelihood that wood will be attacked, but the pest infestation can not be ruled out.

Chemical wood protection

By chemical wood protection is meant the treatment of the wood with wood preservatives containing active substances for protection against fungi and / or insects. Optimum wood protection is achieved by the combination of both types of wood protection, whereby the chemical wood protection acts as an addition to the structural wood protection.

The basic rule for chemical wood protection is: As little as possible, as much as necessary.

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