Build wood protection

Build wood protection: protection

Constructive wood protection - Xyladecor gives you tips

Around Avoid waterlogging on perfectly horizontal surfaces, you should be at least 15% beveled. So the water can easily drain off the wood and does not build up.

Build wood protection: protection

Bridge supports: Cover horizontal surfaces, eg. Hardwood, to avoid cracks

Also one special weak point of every construction are exposed end grain surfaces. These should therefore be covered. In order to counteract the earth contact of wooden posts, it is advisable to use metal supports or to embed the piles.

Build wood protection: protection

Support foot: avoid water accumulation, avoid splashing water area.

Façades and windows are protected by wide roof overhangs. They should also Seal joints between glass and wood permanently elasticto protect the joints and the wood from penetrating moisture.

Build wood protection: protection

Window: Bevel the horizontal surfaces, round off the edges. Permanently seal joints between wood and glass.

Since most woods have no natural protection against UV rays, moisture and wood pests, you should use your wood outdoors special protective coatings such as the Xyladecor permanent protection glaze, protect.

Build wood protection: surfaces

Roof overhang: Sufficient overhang protects windows and facades

Should you be in Living areas with weathered or damp-cool weather conditions, such a protective coating is usually indispensable to protect your wood from damage in the long term.

Build wood protection: protection

UV protection

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