Wooden stairs: an overview

Rarely does the offers of supra-regional staircase builders show what craftsmanship they bring. Since the wood staircase is usually a combination of several disciplines, since a material mix is ​​used, the assignment is not always clear. Some professions often specialize in wood staircase construction.

The three classic wood processors

Among the many types of stairs there are some wooden staircases made entirely of wood. Connection and fixings can be bolted or nailed, but only glued wooden staircase constructions are feasible.

In wood staircase construction, the woodworking trades such as carpenters, carpenters and carpenters bring with them the expertise in materials and workmanship. Therefore, craftsmen from these areas often offer, in addition to other woodwork, timber staircase construction.

The same applies to work around old wooden stairs, which should be renovated, restored or renewed. As the woodworking process is often the focus of the staircase types mixed with several materials, the woodworking specialists are disproportionately represented among the suppliers.

The stairwell

If the staircase base or the step fastening is completely made of wood, it can be spoken of pure wooden staircase construction. These include stairs with wooden stair stringers and railing stairs. The load-bearing central spar or the two laterally supported carrying spars can be made of wood and classically fall into the workspace of a carpenter.

Mixed forms with metal

If a staircase made of metal is made of steel, the classification depends on the individual design of the staircase construction. If an open staircase with wooden steps is mounted on one or two metal beams, the wood dominates and the staircase is attributed to the wooden staircase.

The greater the optical influence of metal components on the appearance of the entire staircase, the more likely it is a metal or steel staircase with wooden elements. In this case, the knowledge and skills of locksmiths, welders and metal workers are added to staircase construction.

If concrete stairs are provided with wooden flooring, no specific craftsmanship is required except experience. Staircase or dry construction companies without specific skills in craftsmanship rank in this group of providers.

Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for a qualified company for wooden staircase construction, you will be shown reference objects. If no satisfied old customer of the enterprise agrees, skepticism is appropriate.

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