Embellish wooden table - 5 simple tips

Many a wooden table has become so shabby over time that its tabletop really can not be saved with a simple coat of paint. Burnt-in cigarettes or scratched autographs from previous owners make the table a real refurbishment. Often, however, the legs are still quite acceptable. Then here are five tips to rebuild the table.

Five simple tips for the wooden table

1. Napkin technique

Only the top decorative layer of a napkin is glued on the table with a transfer varnish. The napkin is smoothed with a not too wide brush in the paint bed. Of course, you should first sand and paint the table thoroughly. However, the napkin layer can also be applied to the table with spray adhesive. After drying the decoration, the table should be covered with a clear coat.

2. templates

Even with stencil technology, the table must be worked up beforehand. This variant is therefore only something if the table top is still reasonably intact. A short blunt bristle brush dabs the paint through the stencil. Large stencils should be affixed with some tape to prevent them from slipping while working. Again, a clear coat is recommended in the connection.

3. foil

Decorative foil covers even the ugliest stains. The surface of the table only needs to be leveled with putty if there are heavy scratches or dents in it. Then the film is simply spread with a squeegee.

4. Install inserts

The tabletop has a hole in the middle? No problem, just make it bigger. Choose a suitable vessel, such as a small planter or a particularly beautiful pot and adjust the hole accordingly. So you always have a place for napkins or a small bunch of flowers.

5. Laminate

Laminate or parquet you can stick on a badly damaged table top with mounting adhesive. All around, then an aluminum bar is attached as a side finisher and finished is your new table.

Tips & Tricks

Be creative, there are still countless variations of our tips to make a table really an artistic unique piece. To find enough supplies of tables, you should look around the bulky waste. There you will always find tables that absolutely do not deserve to go into the trash.