Protect wooden table - avoid stains

A natural noble wooden table lives from the fact that its pores are not covered with paint. But as long as the pores are kept open, dirt can also penetrate the wood. Coffee, red wine and greasy stains can be removed with a completely untreated wood again only by grinding. Here we show you how to protect the wooden table almost invisibly.

Protect the wooden table step by step

  • paste wax
  • Application brush fine
  • Shoe brush fine (new)

1. Select wax

The firmer the wax, the better it also seals the surface of the table. The harder it is but also apply. If you only want to achieve a very light protection, a nearly liquid wood wax is enough. In our case, we want to protect a precious table with a solid wax.

2. Apply wood wax

If you use a solid wax, different small brushes are important. With a rag, you will not get far with a pronounced wood structure, because you then only the structure zuschmieren. Practical are similar brushes, as they are used in cleaning the shoes.

A smaller, firmer brush with natural bristles and a wooden handle is the best choice when applying wax paste. Again and again, lightly dab the brush into the paste and then paint it along the grain on the table.

3. Polish and brush

Again, similar to shoe polishing, thoroughly polish the wax into the grain if you remove the excess with a soft polishing brush. Also this brush should have natural bristles if possible. Always brush in the direction of the grain. You must not even work in between in circular motions.

Tips & Tricks

Especially noble woods, which are only to be oiled or waxed, are difficult to reconcile with young children and their penchant for painting and drawing. As long as the children are even smaller, it may be better to have a matching glass sheet cut by a glass that fits exactly on the table top. Later, the glass plate can then simply be removed and the wood structure remains visible.

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