Lay wooden tiles on the terrace

When laying wooden tiles on a patio, the main focus is on the drainage and ventilation. Unlike single decking and closed fixed wooden floors, it is possible to lay wooden tiles without fixing to the substrate or gluing them all over.

Comprehensive product selection

Anyone who appreciates a wooden decking has the choice between installing decking made from Douglas fir or wooden tiles that can be laid out like modules. When choosing which decking is preferred, both variants can be selected in a variety of woody plants. Also high-quality tropical wood like the expensive Bangkirai is produced in both forms.

Since on a terrace usually a limitation of the floor structure in the height plays a minor role, and the usually larger increase the floor by wood tiles can be easily implemented. Since most wooden tiles have bottom-mounted mounting systems, laying wooden tiles is the easiest and quickest way to create a wooden floor on the patio. As a further alternative, both wood tiles and decking made of composite WPC or real wood are available.

Benefits of wood tiles on the terrace

The finished modules of the wood tiles have some advantages over decking:

  • The ground must be balanced less precisely
  • The weight of the wooden tiles ensure a stable position
  • The mounting and mounting is very easy by systems
  • A creaking of the floorboards or squeaking of the wooden floor is rare to impossible
  • Wood tiles do not have to be sanded off like decking


While decking requires a paved and level surface such as concrete, screed or an elaborate slatted structure, wooden tiles are more frugal. They can be mounted on height-adjustable support bearings, are suitable for laying loose on gravel, gravel or grit and form due to their construction always sufficient ventilation and distance to damp or wet floors. There are suitable mounting systems for every structural condition.

Tips & Tricks

If you choose wood tiles, you usually buy the finished products in pretreated condition. Apart from the cut edges of the corner and finishing tiles, there is no need to oil or varnish the boards.

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