Wood paneling for the pool build yourself

Many homeowners first buy a normal pool with steel walls. This is also stable and durable, but especially the steel wall pool is usually much cheaper than a pool with a wooden paneling. However, the steel pool does not become more beautiful over time. Here are three ways you can attach a wooden panel.

Simple and practical

The simplest solution for a wooden paneling can be done quite quickly. All you need is a narrow profile wood with tongue and groove and two to four fixed slats. The profile wood is assembled vertically in this variant. All parts should be recessed before assembly with a high-quality wood protection. The look of the pool will later look like a big barrel. However, this simple cladding is just a visual solution that only hides the steel shell.

Steadfast in the strongest storm

The middle variant is created with a round pool octagonal. Stable piles are set at the eight corners. In between, strong wooden boards are placed across. The best are heavy floorboards that have tongue and groove again. Similar to the upper model, you should already work with wood preservation in advance.

Above you install wide stable wooden boards lying on the eight piles. The boards should be mitred at the corners to complete the picture.

Bench and wood paneling in one

The noble form of the wood paneling is produced with two rows of piles, between which again crosswoods are attached. Which form you work out should be based on the shape of the pool. It is ideal if you choose a larger distance on one side and install the technique of the pool under the deck there. At the top, strong decking boards are also used to build a comfortable sundeck.

Tips & Tricks

If you use WPC decking instead of real wood, you do not have to worry about rotten water. In addition, the plastic floorboards just on a deck around the pool are not so slippery, so are also much safer for children playing.

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