Wood species and woods for woodworking - #2

Nevertheless, can be made of plane trees high quality veneers. Who appreciates a rustic look, can also enjoy the brittle but bright sycamore wood.

Plane wood: problems for recovery

Wood species and woods for woodworking: wood

sycamore wood

Platanenholz finds little use in the furniture industry or in house building. This is based in the low resistance of the woodAlso, it tends to crack during the drying process.

Nevertheless, sycamore wood is often processed into very fine veneers, which then treated accordingly in shipbuilding or in carpentry Find application,

Plane wood can also be turned, but is usually not used for this purpose. The main problem of the plane tree is its tendency to form a so-called "lazybones": The inner heartwood of the tree decomposes, only the wood of the trunk lying outside is still usable. This severely limits the use in the timber industry.

Furniture made of plane tree

Furniture made of sycamore wood is rarely found due to the aforementioned problems of sycamore. Nevertheless, the wood has a nice color and grain that makes it one fancy wood for furniture surfaces can do.

Who wants to provide his table with a plane board, should, however, note that Platanenholz almost inevitably in the course of drying tears. For use in furniture construction, therefore, only well-seasoned sycamore wood should be used.

The already existing cracks in the deposited sycamore wood should be filled up with synthetic resin or appropriate wooden kit. Grinded and painted you get a table top, which is by no means commonplace and sets beautiful living accents with its grain.

As timber, plane trees are hardly usable. The Wood is quite soft, its shrinkage makes accurate work difficult, Also, simply not enough good sycamore wood is available on the market.

At the municipal construction yard, however, most cities have one annual wood auction organized, If you want to get a nice piece of plane tree, you can try your luck here.

Fir and fir wood: the difference between fir and spruce

Wood species and woods for woodworking: wood

Noble fir (Abies procera)

Fir trees are not only popular trees at Christmas time. But what silently pokes around at most Christmas markets and in many good rooms, is not a fir - it is a spruce.

On this page we explain the difference between firs and spruces and give some hints on the treatment and properties of real fir wood.

Fir wood: better than spruce

Wood species and woods for woodworking: woodworking

Bright fir wood

Fir wood is basically with Spruce wood comparable, especially what the grain and the color is concerned. Nevertheless, the fir over the often cheaper spruce has some key advantages.

Unlike other softwoods like the jaw and also the Spruce has fir wood no perceptible with the naked eye resin channels and resin accumulations. This not only allows professionals to distinguish between spruce and fir wood.

The mechanical properties of fir wood are comparable to spruce wood, as well as the density and strength. Nevertheless, the cuts Fir in almost all areas slightly better than the spruceAlso, the quality difference in the offer are slightly smaller.

Fir wood as timber and furniture wood

Fir wood can be basically to the use the same structural purposes as spruce wood, All in all, however, a visible construction made of fir has a higher quality, and it will allow less resin to escape.

Furniture made of fir is particularly known in the Alpine region, from the naturally growing trees, the typical alpine farm equipment is made. But also modern furniture Scandinavian design can be made of fir.

The strength, the stability and the resistance speak for the fir, the price certainly for the spruce. Yet In the long term, the fir provides more for the money.

Walnut and walnut: Exclusive precious wood for the highest demands

Wood species and woods for woodworking: species

walnut tree

Walnut is a real rarity: there Walnut trees get very old and on top of that grow quite slowly, the leafy trees that are actually used for nut production are rarely felled.

The finely grained and very fine-pored walnut wood is therefore sold only in small contingents and is correspondingly expensive. Nevertheless, there are some very noble things and pieces of furnituremade of walnut wood.

Walnut wood: appearance and use

Wood species and woods for woodworking: wood

The dark wood of walnut

Walnut wood is a coveted precious wood, its use on limited to expensive and exclusive items is.

Because the main function of the walnut tree is the supply of walnuts, the trees are rarely felled and processed. The Price for massive walnut furniture is very high, these are hardly commercially available.

For furniture, floors and wainscoting walnut veneer is therefore mostly used. This Real wood veneer is cut into millimeter-thin slices and glued on less noble timber. Nevertheless, even walnut veneers are comparatively expensive.

In particular, the burl wood of the exposed walnut root is particularly sought after. This fine-eyed root veneer can only be used by the Obtained aerial roots of the walnut tree become. Since these Luftwurtzeln are extremely rare, a use of this veneer is only used for real noble cars or very noble furniture.

Walnut product in the market

Walnut has a dark-colored core and a greyish white to reddish-white sapwood. Accordingly, the applications of the wood are different. In general, walnut wood is very splinterproof, which makes it to Use in the construction of walking sticks, knife handles and the like predestined.

Since walnut wood does not have a strict separation between core and sapwood, fine-grained structures are created between the two layers, which in certain degrees of fineness special prices on the wood market achieve. Cabinetmakers today prefer to use grained walnut pieces.

Walnut wood in the interior

The expensive walnut wood can be used in massive form in the interior usually only as an application. Look noble and beautiful especially cabinet and door handles made of walnut wood, also drawer handles and knobs made of walnut look very noble.

Applications off Walnut wood in the form of stripes and inlays make furniture a special eye-catcher. Even old, rather cheap, furniture can be greatly enhanced by the application of walnut elements. Veneers, also good imitations, are available on the market in abundance.

The wood of the stone pine

The Zirbelkiefer belongs to the pines plants and is to be found mainly in the alps and Carpathians. The wood is one of the valuable woods, because it has many positive effects. The pine wood provides a very pleasant indoor climate, lowers the heart rate and generally has a positive effect on health and well-being. The wood can be used in many ways. Very popular is, for example, the stone pine bed, in which a healthy sleep can be enjoyed.

The valuable wood of the stone pine

First of all, the pine wood impresses with a great look and a special grain, which arises due to the firmly overgrown branches. The beautiful yellowish-red core is very well suited to produce impressive and eye-catching furniture, interior paneling, wainscoting as well as many other products made of the special wood. However, the pine wood has even more advantages to offer. The stone pine is a noble wood, which has many special effects. The scent is soothing and positively affects the well-being. At the same time he ensures that insects stay away. A wardrobe made of Swiss stone pine promises a nearly mothproof storage of clothes. The special wood also has an antibacterial effect due to the contained essential oil. Also very much in demand is the stone pine bed. In the online shop, Bauer Holz, Europe's largest stone pine bed manufacturer, can buy beds that promote a healthy sleep and a better general condition.

Pine wood - perfect for bedroom furniture

Wood species and woods for woodworking: woods

Stone pine bed for a restful sleep

Especially for the production of bedroom furniture, stone pine is often used, for example for beds and cabinets. The breathable wood enriches the room with its soothing scent and the ingredients contained therein and thus contributes to the healthy indoor climate. At the same time, the user also benefits from the further positive effects of the stone pine. The essential oils of the wood enter directly into the organism and into the respiratory tract. This can have a very positive effect on the lungs, the nervous system and a healthy sleep. Thus, allergy sufferers and asthmatics also benefit from the furniture made of Swiss stone pine wood, as the symptoms of lung diseases are improved by the inhalation of stone pine active ingredients. In general, an increased well-being is generated. The positive effects of stone pine on the body, which are now considered proven, make the precious wood more than just a suitable alternative to make beautiful furniture.

Conclusion to the pine wood

The pine or its special wood with the strong aromatic and soothing scent is a true gift of nature. Pine wood has many positive effects on the body and health. It ensures a quiet, healthy and restful sleep, but also contributes to the positive well-being in all other rooms. The heart rate should be lowered, the energy increased and the weather sensitivity reduced. With regard to the processing of pine wood, there are no limits to the possibilities. Sleeping, living and working rooms to small products such as pillows with Swiss stone chips or pine boxes made of pine wood are made from it. Temperature fluctuations and humidity can not harm the pine wood, which has an exceptionally high dimensional stability.

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