Analyze and fill wooden windows

Damaged old windows can often still be rescued by thorough trowelling. Modern fillers can cover relatively large damages if they are kept by a healthy and stable substance. Anyone who trowels a wooden window will think best of the work of a dentist when filling tooth holes.

Looking for moisture

To make a comprehensive inventory, a dry day with outside temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius should be chosen. The casements are unhooked and examined separately. The first attention is possibly existing moisture in the window frame.

If there are crumbly and loose wood spots, they should be scratched on the surface in order to look for deeper, hidden moisture. Mold and water marks indicate hidden moisture. If the frame is damaged under window seals, the window seal must be replaced.

Analyze and fill wooden windows: fill

To fill a wooden window

  • Repair wood putty or spatula
  • Joint putty or silicone
  • Abrasive fine 300/400 grit
  • Nitroverdünnung
  • spatula
  • cutter
  • masking tape
  • Lifting tools such as pliers, knives, drawing tools, chisels
  • Grinding machine or grinding block

1. Remove damaged wood

In the preliminary work you have to perform a kind of operation on the damaged areas and components. If the putty is damaged or has become porous, cut it or "pop" it out of joint. Remove any loose pieces of wood, splinters and shavings. Use tools in a creative way: spoon, pliers, knife, spatula, screwdriver or chisel.

2. Sand out the substrate

When all holes, cracks, and cracks are exposed and there are no loose pieces, roughly grind the areas where the wood putty is to adhere. Cracks and slits can be sanded with sandpaper pulled over the edge of the scraper. For holes, the top of the handle of a screwdriver may be suitable, over which the sandpaper is pulled.

3. filling

After thorough removal of all dust residues, fill in the putty or wooden putty according to the manufacturer's instructions. Remove blobs and spills immediately with nitro thinner. Let the roughly smoothed putty dry out.

4. Sanding / smoothing

Grind the surfaces smooth with 300 and then 400 grit. After smoothing, replace the window putty in the joints.

Tips & Tricks

If you have detected moisture, you must let the wooden window dry out completely. You have to completely remove old wood parts.

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