Replace wooden windows for different reasons

For various reasons, the replacement of the wooden windows is necessary. The most common causes are the optical and / or technical state of preservation, the adaptation of the insulation values ​​for energy and sound, and burglary protection. Depending on the circumstances, the existing soffit can continue to be used or is replaced with.

Energy, sound insulation and regulations

The steady increase in energy prices has also ensured that the role of the windows has been placed in the public eye. In addition to the roof of a building, they are decisively responsible for the energy balance of each building. In addition to the thermal insulation of wooden windows, the sound insulation class plays an increasingly important role.

The U-value of old windows can not only be bad for your own purse, but also fall short of the currently valid regulations of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). Thus, a replacement of wooden windows may also be necessary for legal reasons. Special additional legal regulations come into force when the building and therefore also the wooden windows are listed buildings.

Replace wooden windows for different reasons: wooden

Insulating or double glazing

Of course, the focal point is the glazing of a wooden window, which has the largest share of the final U-value of the wooden window. Here, the types of window glass can bring about decisive differences. To take advantage of insulating or double glazing, several factors are important:

  • Does the existing window frame deliver the U-value that is needed and even if a new glazing is done?
  • Is the soffit sound enough for the usually much heavier sashes when the new glazing was used?
  • Is a conversion permit to the necessary extent available for listed windows?

Replace with or without reveal attachment

If wooden windows are removed, it can be checked whether only the replacement of the window sash is sufficient or the window with the reveal composite must be completely removed.

Replacing wooden windows often provides a good opportunity to enlarge the window. The old window can be used in many ways or it is disposed of, usually by the fitter of the new window, professionally.

Before exchanging your wooden windows, you should definitely inquire about the various subsidy possibilities of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW).

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