Simply configure wooden windows online

If you want to mount wooden windows in your house, you have an infinite selection of versions, types and looks. In the digital age, most vendors and manufacturers provide tools online to perfectly configure the window of their choice. The windows can be planned step by step.

Additional options for the overall view

When planning windows, the online configurators are a very handy tool. They not only facilitate the exact adaptation of all individual parts to the desired window type, but also give a price overview.

In addition to the shape of the window, the window filling or glazing with or without rungs can be combined in different ways. Anyone wishing to test the visual effect of the wooden windows on the building, as is particularly important, for example, in an old building, can embed the configured wooden windows in an overall view using image processing programs or architectural planning software downloadable free of charge from the Internet.

Simply configure wooden windows online: simply

configuration steps

The scope of the configurator depends on the scope of the offer of the respective window manufacturer. While some vendors have only a few standard sizes and offer only rectangular window shapes with standard profiles, others are able to dozens of variants and combinations possible.

The following components and design types can be configured:

1st window profile

Usually up to four variants selectable, two of them with aluminum reinforcement

2. Window shape

  • Rectangular
  • round arch
  • Segmentbogen
  • Spitz window
  • skylight
  • under light
  • Special shape like round, oval, rhombic, triangular

3. Window sash

  • number
  • arrangement
  • opening direction
  • Opening type (tilt, fold, slide, fold)

4th sprouts

  • Lying inside
  • Lying inside
  • On the outside

5. wood species

  • Spruce
  • pine
  • larch
  • Oak
  • beech
  • teak
  • Meranti and other tropical woods

6. Glass type

  • Simply glazed
  • double glazing
  • Triple glazed
  • insulating glass
  • Thermo windows
  • Laminated safety glass
  • mirror
  • opaque

7. Fittings and handles

8. Window width

  • stock broadening
  • A roller shutter case
  • Window Frame Width

9. Wood treatment inside / outside

  • lacquered
  • glazed
  • pickled
  • Transparent
  • Coloured
  • oiled

10. Assembly costs

Tips & Tricks

When configuring, pay attention to the opening directions and the possible influence on interior design ideas. Normally, wooden windows are opened inwards like all window types.

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