Dress wooden windows with aluminum - is that possible?

That's fine. Wooden windows can also be retrofitted with aluminum panels. This creates a wood aluminum window also later. This offers some interesting advantages, but you still have to pay attention to a few points.

The advantages of aluminum cladding

Wood aluminum windows are characterized by perfect weather protection and a particularly high durability. Instead of window replacement, existing wooden windows can simply be clad with aluminum profiles.

This can even be done in self-assembly. The costs are many times less than for a complete window replacement. Dust and dirt do not accumulate. After that no painting of the wooden windows is necessary.

Dress wooden windows with aluminum - is that possible?: dress

Matching profiles

Many manufacturers of aluminum profiles for window cladding also offer customized profiles. This is especially important for windows outside the usual window sizes. However, the cost of customization is much higher than for standard panels.

Conversely, it should be remembered that even with a window exchange special sizes usually come much more expensive than windows in standard sizes. The cost difference between window exchange and delusion thus remains the same.


The attachment of the aluminum panels on the windows can easily be made yourself. There are no special tools or special skills required. In any case, you should pay attention to a clean version, and then check the correct attachment.

The profiles are simply attached to the wooden windows with clips.

Possible problems

  • not exact fit
  • missing ventilation
  • Surface treatment of aluminum profiles

Not exact fit

As long as you use aluminum profiles from reputable quality manufacturers, this risk is very low. For windows outside the usual standard dimensions, however, you should measure very carefully before ordering, otherwise problems can arise here. For measuring errors one is usually liable as a customer.

Lack of ventilation

The rear ventilation of the aluminum profiles is particularly important, as otherwise condensation forms behind the profiles, which in no time destroys the wooden windows. An inspection after assembly and in case of doubt a professional assessment, if necessary, exclude this expensive risk.

Surface treatment of aluminum profiles

Here as well, one is always on the safe side with products from quality manufacturers. A clean powder coating is standard here, so that the durability of the profiles is also guaranteed.

Tips & Tricks

Although the look of the wooden windows is lost through the paneling, but by matching color schemes can also be quite interesting effects on the facade achieve.

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