HolzWerken Gesamtkatalog [year] - Literature about wood

HolzWerken Gesamtkatalog [year] - Literature about wood: gesamtkatalog

Do you enjoy working with wood? Then the most comprehensive, German-language book program from HolzWerken is just right for you.

HolzWerken Gesamtkatalog [year] - Literature about wood: wood

Whether woodwork of all kinds, garden design, furniture making, woodturning, carving, fretwork, knife making or wicker and wickerwork. Here is something for everyone.

You are interested in regular information? The magazine HolzWerken offers everything that helps you in the workshop and that seven times a year on 68 pages.

Whether basics or advanced craft with wood. Whether expert or ambitious beginner: HolzWerken is a platform and information exchange for all private woodworkers.

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