Woodworm gas smothering or poisoning

It is often difficult to kill the larvae of the woodworm with heat because the required temperature does not penetrate the entire wood substance at any point. Not completely unlike in this case is to gas the woodworm. After packing the building gases are introduced, which stop the insect infestation.

Construction of the gasification design

The wood must be packed in an airtight envelope, into which the gas is later introduced. For furniture and other smaller wooden items, large bags, garbage bags and plastic sheeting can be used. For infested wooden components in buildings such as floorboards, trusses and stairs usually the entire building or the roof structure must be "wrapped".

Types of gas and effect

When gasifying the woodworm, two types of gases are used:

1. Toxic gases that kill larvae and beetles chemically
2. Suffocating gases that make the woodworm breathe

The toxic gases include ammonia (sal ammoniac), carbon monoxide, phosphine, sulfuryl difluoride. These gases may only be used by approved specialist companies during the building fumigation. When using in smaller dimensions, protective clothing with respiratory protection must be available. Suffocating argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which are not directly toxic to humans.

Important is the perfect ventilation of the gases. With proper "tent construction" it evaporates completely after 24 hours completely. In order for the gases to be fully effective, outside temperatures must be above twenty degrees Celsius. Suffocating gases, also referred to as inert gases, sometimes have to work for several weeks in order to suffocate the larvae.

Effort and costs

Fumigating is the most expensive and expensive way to get rid of the woodworm. The cost of a roof truss and / or a complete building is in the low to mid five-digit Euro range.

The timber or the roof truss or the building must be airtight packed with a lightweight scaffold and tarpaulins pulled over it. The cavities must not be too large to saturate them with gas. Depending on the shape of the building and its size, the fumigation time can vary between one and several days.

Tips & Tricks

Have a specialist company that carries out the fumigation show you the official fumigation certificate.

Product Image: Frank Fennema / Shutterstock

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