Kill woodworm with the microwave

Using the microwave against woodworm is only possible with small wooden objects with a conventional household appliance. For affected components and furniture devices with radiation bodies are used. They basically do the same thing as any other heat method. They lead to the degeneration of the protein-containing larvae and beetles.

Accelerated heat process

Microwaves bring any water contained in a substance to boil in seconds. In the irradiated wood, in addition to the residual moisture in the wood, every beetle and larva body also cooks.

Put simply, the method is an accelerated heat-fight. Since the radiation bodies can irradiate only limited areas and must be kept away from all other living beings including domestic animals and humans, the employment is only locally possible.

Radiation transmitters are set up

The easiest and most common way to treat wooden floors like parquet and planks is with the microwave method. The radiation leads safely down and longer setup times of the required equipment are feasible. Individual transmitter elements in cuboid or pyramid shape are set up and "wander" over the wooden floor.

In contrast to the normal hot air process usually lower costs, since the period and the device structure are less long and expensive. Important is the exact determination of the condition and reaction of the wood. A thermal imaging camera (infrared) allows the control of the continuous heating rate in the wood cross section.

Decision and implementation factors and criteria

Several parameters must be considered when using microwave radiation:

  • Heat dissipation quotient
  • Thickness or thickness of the wood
  • Texture and proportions of sapwood and heartwood
  • Homogeneity of the wood
  • Reflecting and distorting foreign substances and environments
  • Check heat-sensitive foreign substances such as lacquers, glazes and sealants
  • Depending on the water content in the wood, dose the rays to avoid burns

Do not underestimate the risk of cracking the wood

When irradiating wood with the microwave naturally also evaporates much water from the wood. This consequence is favorable in terms of the future lack of infestation, but can add to the wood. Especially not thoroughly "suspended" woody plants tend to tear when removing the woodworm.

Tips & Tricks

If you provide for a working temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, not only the classic woodworm is killed, but also related insect pests such as spiny beetle and wood buck.

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