Combat the woodworm with heat

Heat and dryness are two conditions that a woodworm does not like. From about 55 degrees Celsius, the protein-containing larvae degenerate and die. When combating with heat, it must be ensured that this temperature is reached at the core of a woodwork or piece of furniture and lasts long enough.

Physical killing without chemistry

A preferred way to remove the woodworm can be with heat. The purely mechanical procedure does not need any chemical auxiliaries and odor-evolving substances. In order to achieve a safe and reliable result, however, some rules must be followed.

Small infested items such as furniture can be completely heated in a sauna. In infestation in a roof truss, in the framework or in a staircase an external warming, for example by a hair dryer or a Baustrahler is not sufficient.

Basic rules of effectiveness

In order to ensure the destruction of all eggs, larvae and beetles in the wood, it must be heated consistently to at least 55 degrees Celsius. This temperature must last for one hour to reliably kill all stages of the pests.
As a standardized method, the hot air method is usually used in buildings today. Hot air is introduced into the roof truss or the rooms with trusses. An overpressure "carries" the hot air to the middle of the wood.

For partial control other heat generators can be used:

  • microwave
  • infrared Heaters
  • RF emitters

In any case, the impact on the wood and its structure should be considered. Too high temperatures can lead to burns of the wood.

High effort for the warm air process

Depending on the type of component and the type of building, it can be very tedious to "heal up" and hermetically seal off the places to be heated with mounted wood. The hot air process generates costs in a roof truss, starting from about 200 euros including housing.

Antique furniture restorers maintain a thermal chamber in which infested shelves, cabinets, chairs, tables and other furniture are thermally treated at a price of between twenty and one hundred euros, depending on their size.

Limitations of heating methods

In general, the woodworm can be combated with home remedies, which include heat generation. However, this biological control quickly reaches its limits when no professional device is available.

For smaller pieces of wood oven and sauna can be used to kill the eggs, larvae and beetles. For load-bearing components in buildings such as beams and stairs, high-performance equipment from specialist suppliers must be used.

Tips & Tricks

Furniture can also free you from the pests by cold. From minus 18 degrees the larvae and beetles die as well. Ask a butcher or butcher near you if you are allowed to use his refrigerated compartment to set up a well-packaged piece of furniture.

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