Combat the woodworm with vinegar

Vinegar like the larvae and insects of the woodworm at all. However, it is not easy to give the necessary lethal dose to all stages of development. As a biological alternative and attempt worth fighting with vinegar or vinegar essence. Especially for smaller wooden objects with woodworm, the agent is suitable.

Vinegar sells the woodworm

Between the mechanical methods such as heat and fumigation to remove woodworm and chemical "clubs" exist some means and substances that drive the woodworm more or less thoroughly.

Vinegar and vinegar essence are two universal remedies that are standard equipment in almost every household and are little appreciated by insects of all kinds. Also in woodworm vinegar can be used as a useful home remedy.

More flight than dying

In order to illustrate the effect of vinegar on the woodworm, the habitat of the common rodent beetle should be considered. In the corridors the female woodworms lay their eggs. The "hatched" larvae are happy to find their food directly at their birthplace.

The larva of the woodworm begins immediately to incorporate the surrounding wood and thereby progressing further in the "tunnel". When the larva meets an unloved smell and taste, it changes direction or looks for another feeding area. Vinegar creates the unloved smell and taste.

Advantages and disadvantages

Vinegar as biological control has advantages and disadvantages. Generally, the vinegar is effective enough only in mild and / or locally very limited infestation.

biologicalRarely deadly
non-toxicodor Strong
inexpensiveMakes wood age

Aghast and catch

A species similar to a hunt, the woodworm drive out of his home, is the combination of vinegar and the method to use acorns.

The already existing odor and flavor attractiveness of the acorns for the larvae of the woodworm is supported by inhospitality. The introduced and spread vinegar flies the larvae. The delicious acorns are already waiting.

Tips & Tricks

Before using vinegar, check if your wood can handle it. Some trees are sensitive and suffer from structural fiber damage when soaked in vinegar.

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