Woodchip, Rauhfaser or Rauhfasertapete

From the vast majority of the population is still the Raufasertapete used as wallcovering in the apartment. It is often considered the best way to bring variety into the home, to customize the rooms and to convey the feeling of comfort.

Woodchip wallpaper

The woodchip (in brand names also often 'Rauhfaser') is Germany's most popular wallcovering. Even after 145 years is the Raufasertapete still to be found in many apartments. It is robust, environmentally friendly and can be changed over and over again by repeatedly painting over it. To be on the safe side, the covers should be removed from all light switches and sockets and the fuses should be removed before wallpapering. Thereafter, nothing stands in the way of your renovation.

Cut the woodchip and prepare

Woodchip, Rauhfaser or Rauhfasertapete: wallpaper

First, the paste is stirred after the packaging information and cut the wallpaper on a wallpapering table. It will be calculated 10 cm.

The first sheets are then brushed in with a puff and then combined in a ratio of one third to two thirds. Now the paste has to soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

Stick woodchip wallpaper

Woodchip, Rauhfaser or Rauhfasertapete: wallpaper

Draw in the first line exactly perpendicular and cover with 5 cm protrusion to the ceiling and floor along the marking.

The Raufasertapeten now with a wallpapering brush or wallpaper roll from inside to outside blister-free and wrinkle-smooth smooth.

Tips for unobtrusive seams

Woodchip, Rauhfaser or Rauhfasertapete: wall

Always work from the window into the room and avoid drafts, so that the drying process is not too fast.

Video: Preparing the wall and papering woodchip

All the advantages of a woodchip wallpaper and the most important papering tips are explained in a small video below

Woodchip, Rauhfaser or Rauhfasertapete: woodchip

Manual. In addition, you will learn how best to track the length of the glue in the wallpaper before it can be applied to the walls.


The first step should be to mark on each wall with a lot in width of the wallpaper web, as the first web is to hang.

Paste in the wall

Subsequently, the paste for the so-called wall bonding method can be distributed directly with the roll on the wall to be papered. To prevent it from drying out early, it is better to work in the three-step step.

Press wallpaper

So now apply the first web fleece woodchip directly from the roll on the wall and level with a rubber roller, also press the seam again.

Cut off supernatants

Remaining overhangs can be easily removed with a cutter knife.

Non-woven woodchip: new all-rounder

With regard to practical and environmental qualities, the new flooring does not have to hide behind the conventional woodchip wallpaper. For example, the manufacturer Erfurt offers four differently grained structures, all of which are breathable, moisture-regulating and, according to TÜV Nord's report, even suitable for allergy households. For those who would like to have it even more convenient when wallpapering and later repainting, there are the fleece woodchip already pre-painted and with another and at the same time forward-looking Plus: It can be completely dry after several coats of paint removed from the wall.

Video tutorial: Wallpaper non-woven raspberry wallpaper

As described in the previous photo tutorial, this special Raspasertape can be attached without wallpapering table. Simply apply the paste directly to the wall and cut the strips directly off the roll with a craft knife. All the steps for easy wallpapering of non-woven woodchip wallpaper can be summarized in the following video.

Buy non-woven raspberry wallpaper

The well-known "Rauhfaser" was a victim of the spelling reform and must now be written Raufaser - however, the largest manufacturer still insists on the spelling of the H. Therefore, you will still find the Internet with both spellings. The decisive advantage of Raufasertapete is its universal applicability: Raufaser can be processed on any wallpaperable surface and painted over with any wall paint - even several times. When buying or buying, consumers should pay attention to the appropriate grain size to avoid piecemeal on the wall. There are currently around ten structural variants of the woodchip available, as well as a dry peelable version.

Colored woodchip

Woodchip is also available as a colored version. During processing, there are no differences compared to conventional uncoated woodchip. Since no first coat of paint is necessary, the wallpapering or renovation is done very quickly by the hand. If necessary, the colored products can be painted over without any problems.

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