Delete wooden bed: That's how it's done

It makes sense not only for visual reasons to paint a wooden bed. The paint or varnish also protects the wood from moisture and dirt, helping the bed to last longer. As you paint here bed like a pro, we will explain step by step in the following guide.

Large selection of paints

Many different paints are suitable for painting a bed. You can choose between varnishes or covering varnishes. If you just want to protect your bed, but want to keep the color, you can opt for a clear coat or glaze. If you like the wood, for example too light, you can darken it with a dark glaze, without losing the natural wood texture.
When choosing opaque paints, you do not only have to choose one color, you also have to choose between the shades from matt to high gloss.

Step-by-step guide to painting a bed

  • primer
  • paint
  • Coarse and fine sandpaper for wood
  • Brush and / or paint roller (s)
  • Possibly color tray
  • Plastic sheet or newspaper
  • gloves

1. Prepare

It is best to work outdoors or in a garage so as not to soil anything or spread the smell of color throughout the house. Cover everything that should not get ink with a plastic tarp or newspaper.

2. Sanding

Of course, if your bed is made of untreated wood, you do not need to sand it down. However, if it is glazed or varnished in another color, sandpaper the glaze or paint before applying the new paint. Grinding keeps the new paint better and prevents it from peeling off.

Sand first with a coarse sandpaper and give the bed the finishing touch with a fine sandpaper.

3. Priming

If you want to prevent the structure of the wood from showing through, it is important to prime the bed with a primer paint of your choice before painting.

However, if you prefer the wood structure to show through a bit, because it looks more natural then you can omit this step or choose a transparent primer.

4. Painting

With a brush or a paint roller you now apply the actual paint.

Make sure that you do not apply too much varnish, so that no ugly noses arise!

Tips & Tricks

Use a low-odor and low-odor paint to avoid toxic vapors in the bedroom.

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