The wooden bed squeaks - so calm returns

There are many different reasons why a wooden bed squeaks. A squeaky wooden bed is extremely annoying and robs you of sleep at night. Of course, for most of the many causes there is also a corresponding solution. Therefore, here are some ways to do what you need to do to stop the creaking. One of them is baby powder.

Simple solutions

Unfortunately, the simplest solutions to eliminate the creaking often have only a limited shelf life. Unfortunately, many problems come back after only a few weeks. But these solutions are also very cheap and do little work. You can use these little solutions when scraping wood on wood:

  • baby powder
  • vaseline
  • Candle wax / beeswax
  • wood oil


With candles or beeswax, you can not only brush the places where wooden surfaces touch. You should also rub in the supports for the slatted frames and screw connections with the wax. Wax does not disappear right away like most other quick fixes.

Check screws

Real wood works more and more over time. As a result, the holes in which the screws are stuck, getting bigger. If you have excluded the slats as a source of squeaking and notice that the connections squeak when you move the empty bed, you should rework them.

Bigger screws

If the wood permits, you can replace the old screws with slightly larger screws. Another option is to replace the screws with thick glue. As a precaution, use a wood glue that dries up later.

Change the screw arrangement

With some beds, it is easy to put the screws in a different position, so that they have hold again. Sometimes the same result can be achieved with other bed hinges. At the hardware store, there are various solutions that hold the bed together again.

Tips & Tricks

Oiled wood naturally dries up in our heated rooms over time. It is therefore important anyway to oil oiled wood from time to time. With a squeaky bed, this measure can often eliminate the squeaking as well. When oiling a wooden bed, always pay attention to the places where wood meets wood and to all attachment points when re-oiling. There you should be particularly careful with the oil.

Video Board: How to Fix a Squeaky Bed