Paint wooden bed white - permanently romantic

Natural wood may be beautiful and natural, but a more romantic and modern one is a white wooden bed. The advantage of solid wood, however, is that it can change color relatively easily. You do not need a lot of tools to do this, but you have to do some preliminary work. Here we show you how to paint your wooden bed white.

Step by step paint the wooden bed white

  • abrasive paper
  • masking tape
  • acrylic paint
  • Brush flat
  • sander
  • Deltaschleifer
  • lacquer bowl
  • whisk
  • screwdriver

1. Remove the bed

Of course, it is possible to just paint a bed in the assembled state. The edges, where the side parts meet with the bed ends, you hardly see later. But due to the movements and stresses, the parts work together and the paint would eventually chip off at the edges. In addition, the color sticks the parts together and a perhaps later once necessary dismantling is then not possible without damage.

2. grinding

All wood parts should be sanded well. For example, for pine wood, you should start with a grain size of about 80 and then do another sanding with a 100 grit. However, if the wood is new and untreated, you can start with the finer sandpaper right away and do not need to grind so hard.

3. Mask off metal parts

All metal parts that will later hold the bed together should be masked off for protection and only exposed again shortly before the construction of the bed.

4. Swipe

Acrylic paint can be diluted with water. You should also do that to get a nice result. Always paint the slightly diluted paint with a flat brush in the direction of the grain of the wood. Depending on how thickly covering your bed should be painted, you probably have two or three strokes. It also depends on the strength of your dilution.

Tips & Tricks

For a bed, you should use acrylic or white resin paint. The chalk colors, which are often used today for shabby chic or vintage style, could later rub on a colored bedding. Even if such colors are additionally sealed with the special waxes, they are never as durable and wipeable as an acrylic paint.

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