Wooden Venetian Blinds - high quality and noble

Wooden blinds have long been a noble design tool. They also have numerous advantages and can be used excellently in many areas. Find out more about wooden indoor venetian blinds in this post.

Areas of application for wooden blinds indoors

Wooden blinds are not just a window curtain. They can also be used perfectly as a ceiling-mounted room divider. Also for the delimitation of areas and as a privacy blinds are well suited for indoor use.

Instead of curtains, wooden blinds can also cover a whole wall length. They appear optically more open as curtains and at the same time serve as sun protection for the window area.

Design of wooden blinds

The design of wooden blinds can be very different. Variations are possible in many ways:

  • at the slat width
  • at the lamella shape
  • in the number and spacing of the slats

The wood can either be left in its natural color or dyed with special colors. In the case of wooden blinds, practically all conceivable color shades are possible. An adaptation to the colors of the Innneraums - for example as Konstrastfarbe to the wall - is easily possible.

In addition to the simple designs, colored contrasting webbings and drawstrings are also a design option. In addition, asymmetrical lamellar shapes can be produced, but these are rare.

Advantages of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds with their diverse applications are also extremely durable and durable.

They provide a perfect, adjustable sunscreen. Wood keeps the sun's heat particularly well, but at the same time, wooden blinds allow enough light to enter the room.

They are a perfect and very rustic replacement for the slatted curtain and are much less susceptible to contamination and can not bleach.


The operation can be done classically via torsion bar and pull cord. An electrical operation via a remote control is also offered by many manufacturers. In this case, both 230 V systems and 24 volt systems are available.

A particularly classic form of operation is the operation via cord pull and line turn. Here, both the raising and lowering of the wooden blinds via a cord as well as the turning of the slats takes place. This form is also particularly discreet.

Prices of wooden blinds

The prices depend on the size, the type of wood and the quality of the wood. Wooden Venetian blinds can be made in the normal Venetian blind format, but also with several meters wide and at room height.

Small blinds in window format usually start at around 30 - 40 EUR, large-sized blinds made of fine wood can certainly cost several hundred euros.

Installation of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are either fixed with small hooks over the window opening, or with a special mounting rail directly to the ceiling. The type of mounting and the type of attachment must always be adapted to the relatively high weight of the wooden blind. Ceiling fixtures must be fastened with special dowels for low-load ceilings.

For special designs, wooden blinds can also be fixed inside the upper window reveal. This solution can be found especially in floor to ceiling windows.

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