Wooden facade at the house - optics and variations

Wooden facades are very diverse. From slightly playful to classic to the sober, plain wooden facade, there is really the right look for every taste. If you take the color variety of the wood facades as a variation, the choice is almost endless. With proper care, a wooden facade can last as long as another type of façade.


When asked about the type of wood, the question of color usually comes up. If the wood is to receive a natural silvery patina, only certain types of wood will be considered. Douglas fir and larch are generally more resistant if they want to grow a wooden facade. Cheaper is of course pine or spruce, but both require a lot of care.

Color or natural patina?

This question should not only depend on your personal taste, because in rainy areas, the patina will later be very different and uneven. In addition, the best resistant wood can not withstand the weather in shady wet spots for a very long time. A high-quality layer of paint can work wonders for wood preservation and secure your investment for many years to come.

Vertical or horizontal?

Whether the individual boards of the wooden facade are to be mounted horizontally or vertically depends in part also on the type of wood. For pine and spruce, a horizontal attachment would not be recommended, since the boards could easily stand still water. In addition, the type of attachment should be dependent on the shape of the facade.

Low squat bungalows or old farmhouses would be even lower if the wood façade were mounted horizontally. These houses are stretched by a vertical shuttering significantly in height and may even get better proportions than they had before.

Tips & Tricks

Older stone houses, whose masonry is not suitable for the application of a pre-wall insulation, can provoke a new wooden facade very. In the battens of the wooden facade, the insulation is incorporated and the whole house gets a completely new look, which is usually much nicer than a slightly shabby stone facade. In addition, the room climate with a wooden facade is guaranteed to be better than with the new insulation systems in which the house can no longer breathe.

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