Wooden fence - build your own door - this is how it works

In keeping with the new self-made wooden fence you need a beautiful wooden gate, which completes the garden completely. With a few hinges and some frame wood, the remaining fence boards become a beautiful garden gate. How this is exactly made, we show you here in the step by step instructions for the construction of a wooden door for the fence.

Step by step build door for wooden fence

  • wooden slats
  • construction timber
  • Wooden boards (suitable for the fence)
  • Hinges / hinges
  • Torfalle
  • corner
  • bolt
  • nuts
  • screw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • jigsaw
  • Handkreissäge
  • grinding machine
  • abrasive paper
  • drilling machine
  • screwdriver
  • iron angle
  • spirit level
  • ruler
  • pencil

1. Build a frame

First, make a square frame of strong slats or construction timber. All screw holes should be pre-drilled so that the wood does not tear. Usually you can hardly see the frame after completion, so it is not necessary to miter it. Rather, the frame then becomes more unstable than a blunt connected frame.

In the frame, a cross strut made of the same wood is used. Check with the angle whether the frame for the gate is exactly at right angles. Carefully smooth all parts, as you will have to touch the door all the time.

2. Screw on boards

The fence boards which are screwed onto the wooden gate should also be pre-drilled. In addition, they should be in the same direction as the boards of the fence. It is important that you work carefully in the door construction so that you do not have problems with splinters later.

3. Attach hinges and trapdoor

First, the hinges are screwed to the gate itself. Have the helper hold the gate to mark the exact position of the counterparts on the post. Check with the spirit level, if the gate is straight. Then the bands are also screwed to the post. Only at the very end is the Torfalle or a slide on the other side.

Tips & Tricks

All hinges, screws and bolts should be stainless steel. At least you should buy galvanized metal parts for your garden gate. Better is stainless steel, even if it costs a bit more. But you have never rust on the new summer pants.

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