Paint a wooden frame

Wooden frames are needed for a wide variety of requirements. But like all wooden components, wood frames are subject to aging. Depending on the wooden frame used, they must be repainted every few years. Below you will find information on how to paint a wooden frame and what to pay attention to.

Different wooden frames

Wooden frames are important for different tasks. In principle, there are wooden frames everywhere:

  • as a picture frame
  • as a frame on doors and windows of gazebos
  • Wooden frame as delimitations
  • as templates

Renovate a wooden frame

Of course, depending on whether a wooden frame is used indoors or outdoors, it needs to be refurbished from time to time. Simply repainting is not always immediately possible. Of course, if it is a wood frame that has already been painted or painted, you do not know which color was used.

The preliminary work before painting

This may be solvent-based or solvent-free (water-based) paint. If you apply one coating to another, blistering may occur, the paint will burst or uneven spots will form. So, if you can not determine which varnish was used, you must first grind your wooden frame.

Sanding from the wooden frame

When sanding the picture frame, do the same as you would work on other wood, such as sanding after painting conventional wood. First, use a coarse sandpaper, usually in the grain size 60 to 80, then 120 to 150. Depending on the wood frame, the final sanding can then be done with an even finer sandpaper.

Depending on the structure of the frame (simple frame or grooves and steps), you can use suitable machines for grinding, for example a delta sander. Not infrequently, however, numerous gradations are available or a wooden frame is very filigree. Then you must preferably grind the frame by hand.

Desolate wooden frame by means of pickling

Depending on the condition and type of varnish, you may also pick off or leach the wooden frame. Please note, however, that you are using the optimum stripping product for this. See "MDF boards" or "MDF boards" for more information about alkalis and pickling products.

Repair damage

After the wooden frame has been sanded down, you can examine it for damage. For such small damages you can buy special wooden spatula in the hardware store or specialized trade. Eventually, the damaged area must first be increased slightly. Then the putty is applied and sanded after drying again in several steps.

The cleaning of your wooden frame

Now you can start with the actual painting. To do this, clean the wooden frame with a grease- and silicone-dissolving agent. But you must no longer come with your fingers on the surface to be painted. Finally, the wooden frame is cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Not a single speck of dust may still be visible on the wooden frame.

The painting of the wooden frame

Now that you have prepared the wooden frame so far, you can paint it. Depending on the product used, a primer can first be applied, then the varnish. The painting is usually carried out in a wood frame in two steps. If your wooden frame has a grain, always paint with the grain.

For some paints, such as water-soluble paints, finally, a transparent seal is applied. For this purpose, the previously applied paint but only dry. Now you can paint the transparent topcoat.

Tips & Tricks

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