Building wooden garden furniture yourself - the best ideas

Of course you can get simple plastic chairs from the hardware store, and the terrace or the living area in the garden are furnished. However, if you value quality and individuality, you will certainly consider building your own garden furniture yourself. The best options are shown in our article.

Which wood for outdoor use?

Basically, it pays to rely on weatherproof and pest resistant woods. This does not automatically mean tropical wood: the native robinia, also popularly known as "acacia" in the vernacular, is as good as any tropical wood and at least as resistant.

Other suitable types of wood for outdoor use include:

  • Douglas
  • Larch or very hard
  • Bongossi wood

You can read more about this in this post.

Of course, you can also use other woods, you only have to protect them accordingly. Read all about the right wood protection in our special article.

Very trendy: garden furniture made of pallets

Building furniture from old (or new) Euro pallets has been very much in vogue in recent years. The easy-to-relate europallets are an interesting material from which much can be made.

Benches, tables and lounging groups can be made quite simply by simply stacking and sawing pallets over one another. The designs range from quite simple to extremely artful.

If the pallets are then painted with weather protection paint, they are perfectly suitable for outdoor use. However, a small substructure (wooden blocks, furniture feet) is always recommended so that the wood on the underside does not rest directly and permanently on wet surfaces.

An interesting look can also be achieved with chalk colors. They are particularly suitable for pallet furniture, but must then be protected with a weatherproof clear coat. Also get matching pillows and a glass plate for the pallet table of your lounge group.

Other ideas for garden furniture

You can use both old fruit boxes as decorative and individual Sitzgenelgenheiten as well as a Hollywood swing made of wood. Let your imagination play and make your garden creative.

It may also be a good idea to use tree trunks and stem parts in their original form: trimmed tree stumps for seating, a table base made from a particularly large tree stump, covered with a matching plate. If you need to remove trees from your property anyway, consider turning the tree stumps into seating.

Tips & Tricks

Let yourself be inspired by creative ideas in garden design - you can do a lot of rebuilding yourself with relatively little effort.

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