Wooden house for cheap prices from Poland

The technical talent of Polish construction companies has spread in Germany. Many wooden house manufacturers from Poland offer prefabricated houses, kits and individual constructions throughout Germany. The obvious prices are often below those of German competitors, but must be scrutinized.

Only the house itself

The prices for a wooden house from Poland sometimes sound very tempting. Since complete homes are offered from 50,000 euros, which would obviously be significantly more expensive in Germany in a similar design. Those who come across such prices, should first note that the prices usually only really refer to the house itself.

Excluded and not offered by many Polish suppliers are foundation work, the attachment and anchoring of the wooden house on the ground and the corresponding insulation work between soil and timber construction. Thus, the vendors bypass both a crucial and expensive work area, which must be purchased from German contractors.

Experiences and references

Meaningful and reliable statements on the quality of wooden houses from Poland are not available. The providers and alleged information portals with operators involved in the economy emphasize the advantages and good experiences. On the other hand, there are a number of forums describing bad reviews and catastrophic experiences.

Of course, it should be remembered when inquiring and soliciting information that clients report bad experiences, but usually not good results. Therefore, apart from the comparison of prices from Poland with domestic suppliers, the general conditions and references can only provide information about the performance and product quality.

The following questionnaire should be processed:

1. Which construction work is included?
2. Are the houses CE certified?
3. Are there any other certifications?
4. Where is the place of business and jurisdiction of the company?
5. How is the billing and payment done?
6. Who pays the VAT?
7. What warranties and guarantees are granted?
8. How can deficiencies be claimed?
9. Are there any references?
10. Are German-speaking employees present?

Tips & Tricks

Visit at least two buildings and a show house for reference. Ideally, you should be accompanied by a qualified person such as a civil engineer or an architect.

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