In the case of the wooden house, expansion stages and material determine the price of a kit

The price for a kit for a wooden house depends on size and features. In addition, there are different development levels, ranging from the house skeleton to the ready-to-use state. Stronger than in stone and concrete houses, the measure of in-house performance prevails over the price. Property development and foundation go extra.

Modular systems in expansion stages

Of course, a base price for the kit, which includes the minimum cost of the timber house. Theoretically, every kit can be built up in complete self-service. More common, however, are partial takeovers of individual work steps that require, for example, professional work equipment.

The offer principle of the manufacturers of wooden houses is modular. It ranges from the static basic construction, which only contains the load-bearing skeleton, to complete completion, including the interior fitting, sanitary installation, heating system and building electrics modules.

Price ranges and typical expansion levels

The prices for the smallest wooden houses in the basic variant range from 60,000 to about 120,000 euros. With the size of these price ranges move in a linear manner, so that for an average family house between 120,000 euros to 240,000 euros and for a villa between 300,000 euros and 600,000 euros have to be calculated.

On the way from the basic variant, many individual modules can be added or deselected at the wooden house. The output levels differ slightly among manufacturers, but follow a similar logic. Classic modules for selection or selection are:

  • Set interior walls and dress up
  • Bring in insulation
  • Lay floors
  • Electrical installation
  • plumbing
  • heater
  • Setting windows and doors
  • Façade work (also plastering)
  • General drywall
  • Painting, glazing, impregnating

Material-dependent prices

In addition to the expansion stage, the types and designs of the materials are price-generating. The price difference between a softwood and a hardwood house increases in proportion to the growing size. On a small wooden house in the lowest stage of development, the wood differences can make up price differences of up to fifty percent.

A big price factor is the selection of the windows and doors of the wooden house. In addition to the heating system, the highest price jumps occur here. For insulating glazing with dimensionally stable frame designs, in some cases three times the price must be calculated in comparison to the simplest versions.

Tips & Tricks

Inquire exactly what the foundation must be on which the kit is placed. In the case of improperly applied surfaces, all warranty claims against the manufacturer may be voided.

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