Take wooden posts - you should pay attention

It sounds so easy, just hit some posts in the ground. But in this little work can be done much wrong that then can not be redone. The wood must be protected before it is struck in the ground. In addition, you should never hit the exposed top of the post.

Important tips for driving wood posts

It is important, for example, to protect the top of the post from the blows of the sledgehammer. There are various methods, such as a laid-down board or an empty can from the kitchen, which fits over the post.

  • put a board on top of the post
  • Put tin can over the post
  • just below the post end pull wire tightly around the post

Rescue tip of the pole

Posts that are hammered directly into the ground have a pointed tip. Nevertheless, wood is naturally much softer than stone by nature. Therefore, it is often difficult to hit a wooden post in a gravelly terrain. If the area where you have to hit the wooden post is too stony or hard, you should first dig out a small hole, and then pound the post back with the stones, so rinse with water.

Protect instead of exchange

Most posts sold as drop-in posts are pressure-impregnated. However, even that does not last for eternity. If you want to preserve the fence posts properly, you should put them in a tall bucket of wood preservative for one night. The wood then sucks properly with the wood protection fully.

Tips & Tricks

If you need to hit wooden posts more often, a post rammer will help you. It has a type of sleeve and two handles that not only make it easier to hit the post, but also protect the post's head. However, the Pfostenramme is not worthwhile for a single application, because the tool is not cheap and otherwise good for nothing. For a post diameter up to twelve inches, the handramm costs about 70.00 euros. Smaller copies are cheaper, but only suitable for a few posts.

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