Build a wooden shelf - simple instructions

A beautiful yet very simple shelf offers plenty of storage space. Depending on which type of wood you choose, or how you later paint the shelf, the shelf can look cool, stylish or noble. Not without reason is called a whole light construction ladder shelf. Because, first you build at least two ladders, on which then the shelves of the shelf are.

Build a ladder rack step by step

  • battens
  • wood panels
  • screw
  • acrylic paint
  • abrasive paper
  • jigsaw
  • screwdriver
  • drilling machine
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • hammer
  • Deltaschleifer
  • brush
  • lacquer bowl

1. Build ladders

Depending on how wide your shelf is going to be, you may need more than two ladders to catch the shelf in the middle. If you plan the shelf with a very shallow depth, you should attach it to the wall later so it does not fall over.

For the ladders you need two upright slats and as many cross braces as you would like to have floors on your shelf. The cross struts should be screwed in between the slats. If you prefer a more rustic style, you can also screw the cross struts on the inside or outside of the slats. Drill all holes in the wood to prevent the slats from tearing.

2. Cut out the bottoms

The floors should be cut out at the corners. Make a template from a leftover piece of slats. The floors should also be bolted to the crossbars on both sides with two small screws. These holes must also be pre-drilled.

3. Sand shelf and paint

The surfaces of the shelf should first be smoothed a bit. Depending on whether the wood is to be painted only clear or whether you want to apply colored paint, the wood should be smoothed to a 150-grit sandpaper.

If you want to apply colored acrylic paint, you should dilute it with a little water and then apply in at least two coats. You always have to stroke in the direction of the wood grain.

Tips & Tricks

If you use a colored wood stain, you can put it on a cheap spruce or pine shelf, or a fine mahogany or cherrywood shelf. So give your home-built shelf a very noble touch.