Oil or varnish a wooden staircase

Wood is a natural product that also wants to be maintained and maintained. With proper care, even heavily used wooden components such as wooden stairs can last for centuries. Some important work in restoration and renovation would be the oiling and painting of wooden stairs. Below we have compiled for you information on how to professionally and cleanly oil or varnish a wooden staircase.

Before painting, oiling or waxing are the preparatory work

Of course you can not immediately oil or varnish a wooden staircase. To do this you first have to treat the stairs differently, namely to clean them and, if necessary, prepare them further. These include, but are not limited to, the following techniques:

  • Pick a wooden staircase
  • grind a wooden staircase
  • remove the paint on a wooden staircase

Removal of paints and glazes

Even sandblasting a wooden staircase is an option to prepare the staircase accordingly. Especially if it is a very hard paint that can hardly be sanded or pickled. However, the house should then be empty and uninhabited or at least let the stairs pack. Otherwise you will have the sand later in almost every crack of the house or apartment.

Removing oils and waxes

Especially in the case of an old wooden staircase, nurturing and waiting treatment in the past often included waxing. Incidentally, waxes and oils can be removed very efficiently with relatively harmless strippers.

The actual painting or oiling the stairs

For oiling, it is an advantage if you sand the stairs before and open the pores. Finally, the wood oil should be able to penetrate deeply. The oil is applied evenly, for example with a rag. Puddles that form during oiling must be wiped off immediately to prevent staining.

The painting of a staircase

Painting may require more work. If old coatings are on the wooden staircase and you do not know whether they are water-soluble or solvent-borne, you must remove them completely. If you use a contrasting varnish when varnishing, this can lead to stains and, in the worst case, blistering and spalling of the new varnish within a short time.

Various types of wood on a staircase

In addition, different woods are used. Even on a wooden staircase. For the cheeks and the railing softwood such as spruce or pine, for the heavily used treads and the handrail beech or oak. In order to obtain a uniform coating without different colors, you may have to pre-treat the stair after sanding with a primer.

Also note the special features of a staircase

In principle, you can also paint, oil or grow a wooden staircase like any other wooden component. Of course, what you ultimately use is also a matter of taste. Make sure you also have a high slip resistance class for paints.

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal you will find numerous articles, such as the wooden window paint or other guides and instructions on different processing and processing techniques of wood. In principle, you can also apply them to your wooden staircase.

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