A wooden staircase oil instead of paint

Whether the oiling a wooden staircase is preferable to painting, ultimately can not be decided technically. Personal taste plays the main role in the decision. What is certain is that the living material wood contributes to the indoor climate through its remaining breathability.

Mainly a matter of taste

Many people prefer a sealing staircase to oil on their wooden stairs. The paint protects the wood and does not need to be reworked regularly. When using oil, at least one after oiling is required annually.

The advantage of the regular working up of the stairs is the ever-changing new sheen, through which the stairs are beautified. However, the color scheme depends on the existing wood, which can be changed by painting or glazing.

Wear and repair

In the case of damage or signs of use, the maintenance of the maintenance of the stairs can be done on a permanent basis. If individual spots show special damage such as deep scratches, partial sanding and re-oiling is no problem. Lacquer can only be repaired or replaced over the entire surface.

The entire visual appearance of the wooden staircase, which is oiled, remains less "worn" even when signs of use are created. While old paint seems to be less "used" than "worn" to the point of replacement with previous complete sanding, many people prefer to oil the steps.

Ingredients and the alternative wood wax

Stair oils are made from different raw materials and ingredients. Common ingredients of wood oils for stair steps are:

  • linseed oil
  • jojoba oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Oily alkyd resin
  • solvent

Many producers use only natural and ecologically harmless ingredients without solvents. Therefore, especially families with children living in the household prefer oiled wooden stairs.

As an alternative to oiling the wooden staircase, the surfaces can also be waxed. However, not all staircases made of wood are suitable for this because some trees do not provide sufficient slip resistance when waxed.

Tips & Tricks

Try each wood oil in a hidden spot on the stairs to check the visual effect, such as darkening. Also test the best application technique to avoid any streaking or polishing marks.

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