Build your own wooden swing in 3 steps

In a garden in which children play, a swing must not be missing. A stable wooden swing can make home improvement relatively easy. It is important in the first place that the swing is stable and stable. Therefore, you should first test the self-built swing for their own safety. The instructions for the construction of the wooden swing can be found here.

Build a wooden swing yourself step by step

  • grit
  • sand
  • cement
  • 4 round bars 300 cm
  • 2 round bars 150 cm
  • 1 round bar 200 cm
  • seatboard
  • ropes
  • Threaded bolts / nuts / washers
  • round suspension bolts / nuts / washers
  • saw
  • drilling machine
  • drill
  • spade
  • shovel
  • Maurer bucket
  • combination wrench

1. Build the swing frame

Two of the long round logs are connected with a short roundwood. To do this, drill holes at the appropriate height. Above, the woods should cross about 250 centimeters in height. At this point, both woods are pierced and screwed with a bolt. Subsequently, the lower crossbar is also secured in the holes provided with bolts.

When both sides have been joined together, the upper crossbeam comes between the crossed logs. He too is secured with bolts, washers and nuts.

2. Concrete in the frame

Place the swing in the designated place and mark the four points of view. Then raise the bottom at least 60 inches deep. The lower part is filled about 20 centimeters high with chippings. This ensures drainage. If you have compacted the split in all four holes, you can put in the swing.

Then the hole is concreted up to the top with a mixture of cement and sand. Once the concrete has hardened, you can sprinkle some more chippings at the top so that the wood does not come into contact with the soil later.

3. Hang swing

At the top of the crossbeam, you must drill two holes at the latest. Through these holes, the suspension bolt is guided with the round end and secured from above with a washer and a nut. Swing boards made of wood, there are usually already finished with holes. As a result, the rope is guided and firmly knotted down each.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not trust the complete DIY, there are similar models to buy completely in the trade. However, you must also cement the kits deep enough so that the children do not fall over with the beautiful new swing and seriously injured.

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