Clean the wooden table - depending on the surface treatment

What kind of cleaning a wooden table that is ideal also depends on the original surface treatment of the table. For example, if the table is painted, you may want to wipe it over with a damp cloth. How to properly clean your wooden table, we show you here in the overview of the cleaning methods.

Observe surface treatment during care

The correct gentle care and cleaning of your wooden table depends strongly on the selected surface treatment. While you can thoroughly polish a lacquered table, this will not be possible with a natural wooden table. Here, cleaning the table is much more difficult because dirt can penetrate into the pores more easily.

Here are the different types of seals you can find at your wooden table:

  • lacquered
  • glazed
  • waxed
  • oiled
  • unprotected natural wood

Microfibre cloth for gentle cleaning

Even with natural wood that has not been treated, you can gently clean the surface with a microfibre cloth. However, you should definitely refrain from cleaning agents in this case. The microfibre cloth should only be wet with clear water and wrung out very hard.

Waxed and oiled surfaces

For waxed and oiled surfaces, it is quite possible to add a small splash of dishwasher detergent to your microfibre cloth. But you should still be careful not to apply too much foam or moisture on the wood.

Maintain painted surfaces

Many, after cleaning a wooden surface, try to restore the old shine with a polish. But the polishes can do more damage in the end. The polishing agents often contain silicone oils or mineral oil derivatives. These penetrate the wood and can later only be removed by sanding. Regular layers are built up with frequent use of the polish.

Tips & Tricks

Especially never leave the tabletop completely unprotected. Here, even with all precautions, but a glass or a cup without a coaster is turned off. Besides, we all know that even a coaster has a very limited capacity when something spills over. From untreated wood, you will get a stain with a little luck by a lot of sanding. If, for example, coffee is fed in really deep, grinding also does not help.

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