Paint and renovate the wooden table - that's how it works

No matter how hard a wooden table has been damaged, in most cases a wooden table can be refurbished. First, however, the old paint must be removed and the damage repaired in the wood. How to turn an old wooden table into a beautiful and at the same time practical piece of furniture is shown here in the manual.

Paint the wooden table step by step

  • wood pulp
  • acrylic paint
  • primer
  • sander
  • spatula
  • abrasive paper
  • brush
  • paint roller
  • lacquer bowl
  • hairdryer

1. Remove stains

Before sanding and painting, the deep stains in a wooden panel should first be removed. Especially if you want to varnish or repaint the table with a clear varnish, it is important to remove all stains. For example, if a hot pot has been placed on the wooden plate, there is often a white wavy spot. This you can pull out with a hair dryer. Greasy stains can usually be removed from the wood with a little soap foam.

2. Repair

Natural wood is often interspersed with branches. These can also fall out of a stable table top over time. The holes must then be closed before painting. For very large holes, there are stoppers in various diameters in the hardware store that you use with wood pulp or wood putty. Particularly deep scratches are also compensated with wood pulp in a suitable color. After repair, the wood must dry for a long time before you can start sanding.

3. grinding

If the table is more scratched, you should start sanding with 40 grit sandpaper. For light scratches, the 60 grit is sufficient. Work through steps of 20 to at least the 120 grit. Use an orbital sander for the table top and a delta sander for legs or small areas. Not so well suited is an orbital sander, as it often leaves a round sanding disc when starting up.

4. Priming

If you just want to glaze the table, you do not need to apply a primer. With a covering colored paint, however, it is necessary to apply at least one layer of primer before repainting the board.

5. Repainting

When painting the table top, start with the edges of the table. Spread the paint with very long light brushstrokes, especially the paint that has come to the top of the plate. Then the top of the table top is freshly painted. You should always try to paint the plate from one end to the other with a long brushstroke. Acrylic paint has the advantage here that you can dilute the paint, so the paint can be applied better.

Tips & Tricks

If the table top is so badly damaged that it can not be reconditioned, you can embellish it with pretty decorative tiles. The tiles may quietly have a slightly higher price per square meter, because you only need a relatively small area. How the table top is tiled, you can see here in our guide.

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