Seal a wooden window

If a wooden window leaks, it may be due to material fatigue or a structural complication. Since wood is a living material, large differences in temperature can cause shrinkage or swelling of the frame parts, which can lead to damage.

Profiles and joints

There are some critical points on a wooden window where the window frame may be leaking. If the window no longer lies flush and evenly in the bearing profile when closing, a draft-proof closure is no longer guaranteed and the window pulls.

The second common cause of damage to the joints are common. Porous and crumbling window putty no longer seals between the glazing and the frame. In most cases, only a complete renewal of window dressing will help.

Seal a wooden window: wooden

Special case old windows

In order to seal old windows, in the presence of rungs, it must be checked whether the glazing consists of individual panes or runs continuously behind the rungs. If the window is constructed with individual glass cassettes, each disc bearing and the surrounding putty must be examined for leaks.

Especially with old windows in old buildings, the leak is often between the window frame and masonry. Often the outer window frames are "hung" only by wall anchors and the gap with filling materials such as straw, cow dung or plant fibers closed. In order to seal the window reveal, the filling material should be removed and the cavity filled with construction foam.

Warped frame with new profiles "save"

If a complete casement has warped, repair is rarely possible. The application of elastic window sealing tapes can help if the window is still to close. Prerequisite is a sufficient "game" between the profiles.

For some types of old wooden windows, an adaptation of the profiles is possible. Experienced carpenters and window manufacturers know with which profile the window seal closes again draft-free.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to check the tightness of your wooden window and locate leaks, you can guide a candle along the frame on windless days. If there is a complete doldrums, one on the opposite side helps against a held hair dryer.

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