Secure wooden windows against burglary

Like all windows, wooden windows offer potential entry points for burglars. By saving, the risks can be significantly reduced depending on the effort. The increase in the resistance class is also possible later and especially in wooden windows by the comparatively voluminous frame easy.

In the frame or outside the window

Securing windows is of utmost importance, especially on the ground floor and easy accessibility. For wooden windows, retrofitting is usually very possible, as the wooden frames offer plenty of space for retrofitting with window bars.

In addition to direct retrofitting on the window itself, external fuses can also be made. Typical methods to protect a wooden window from the outside are blinds and window bars.

Secure wooden windows against burglary: secure

If there is no space for a shutter or the construction cost is too large, a nachmontiertes protective grid can be an alternative. However, many people reject window bars for aesthetic reasons, as they do not appreciate the feeling of being "locked in".

Framework retrofitting methods

Several conversion measures can be taken directly at the window:

  • On the frame sides mushroom pins can be retrofitted. They are connected to the locking mechanism and when locked, the mushroom head slides longitudinally into a wear channel.
  • At the window a lockable window handle can be retrofitted. At the same time there is the possibility to mount a window handle, which offers less attack surface or shape against a penetration, even with tools.
  • As additional window locks against burglary can be placed on the window frame from the inside slide bar.
  • The profiles in the wooden frames can be exchanged and the standard aluminum versions can be replaced by steel profiles.
  • Re-glazing can significantly increase the wood window's resistance rating when tempered safety glass or double or triple glazing is used.

resistance classes

There are six window resistance classes, which are determined from frame locking technique and glass type. The former name WK was replaced in 2011 by RC (resistance glass). As resistance times against burglary, the following values ​​are assigned to them:

  • RC1 unaudited
  • RC2 three minutes
  • RC3 five minutes
  • RC4 ten minutes
  • RC5 15 minutes
  • RC6 twenty minutes

Tips & Tricks

At the manufacturers of safety technology you will find a wide range of more or less visible safety systems for wooden windows.

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