Wooden windows have many advantages

Despite the ever-increasing choice of materials and materials, the wooden window has retained its popularity to this day. In addition to the visual appearance, this is due to a whole range of advantages that wood has over plastic, aluminum and composite materials. Technical and ecological features are included.

Four characterizing groups

The advantages of wooden windows over plastic and aluminum windows can be roughly divided into four groups.

  • Optical variability
  • Possibility of maintenance and renovation
  • Technical characteristics such as insulation and durability
  • Ecological balance

Optical variability and appearance

  • Different types of wood provide individual textures
  • Can be changed in color by means of paints and glazes
  • Create a natural and warm atmosphere
  • Can be changed by applying decoration if necessary
  • Adapt to all types of windows, window shapes and window types

Maintenance and renovation

  • Can always be refurbished and renovated or restored
  • Are impregnated and preserved by natural and harmless to health care products such as wood oil
  • Can be completely changed by pickling in their appearance

Technical characteristics

  • The energetic advantages are particularly evident with regard to the good insulation values ​​with regard to heat and sound
  • Can withstand large temperature differences without deformation
  • Do not develop electrostatic charge
  • Withstand the constant, frequent and lasting for decades stress
  • With proper care, have the longest life of all materials
  • Resist fires longer than plastic or aluminum windows
  • Frames and frames do not become "ice-cold" or "scalding-hot" and maintain a comfortable touch temperature

Life Cycle Assessment and Disposal

  • Energy consumption during production is lower than for all other materials
  • Wooden windows can be processed with biological, ecological and harmless means
  • Supported by appropriate selection and origin sustainable forestry (attention for certifications and tropical woods)
  • Can be easily recycled when recycling the natural cycle by recycling or burning again

Tips & Tricks

If you want to purchase wooden windows, the regulations for the preservation of wooden windows give good indications for a durable and natural finish. These include, for example, linseed oils and linseed oil baths, as well as long storage times and historical craft processing methods.

Wooden windows have many advantages: wooden

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