Fight the woodworm with a home remedy

If the typical holes in wood are detected, indicating the attack by the woodworm, fighting is inevitable. Depending on the location and the intensity, in many cases safe home remedies can be used. It benefits from the fact that the larvae of the woodworm sometimes react sensitively.

Locate and check activity

The woodworm or common bug beetle stops almost no so-called dead wood. The spectrum ranges from small household items, furniture and floor and wall coverings to trusses and support beams. As a rule, it must first be determined beyond doubt whether it is still active or not.

Visual checks show wood dust leakage from small holes up to two millimeters wide. For larger holes and occasionally noticeable nagging noises, the domestic bug is often the pest. After determining which insect is active, the type of control must be selected based on the manageability or accessibility of the wood component or object.

Circumstances that the woodworm does not like

The larvae of the woodworm, the culprits in the wood, do not like some substances and circumstances, leading to flight or dying. This includes:

  • Cold (from minus 18 degrees Celsius)
  • Heat (from 55 degrees)
  • Loud noises and vibrations
  • Monohydric cleaning alcohol (isopropanol)
  • Vinegar and vinegar essence
  • sal ammoniac

This relatively wide range of intolerances allow to control the woodworm biologically with home remedies.

Smaller and medium-sized wooden objects such as firewood and smaller furniture that can be completely exposed to the required cold or heat can be liberated from woodworm in the following ways:

  • Heat in the oven for at least one hour to over 55 degrees
  • Heat in a sauna for at least one hour and dry to over 55 degrees
  • Refrigerate in a freezer or a freezer for at least 12 hours
  • Coat surfaces liberally with vinegar
  • Heat the item in the microwave
  • Heat with a hair dryer or radiant heater
  • Knead several times a day with a rubber mallet for at least five minutes

The wooden objects or furniture should always be packed protected. When using household aids should always be thought of de smell. Salmiak and spirits drive off the woodworm, but remain in the wood for a long time.

Woodworm in mounted and blocked wood

If the infestation in trusses, floorboards, truss or stairs shows home remedies are usually insufficient to estimate the risk of static and depth of attack.

Tips & Tricks

A special preference of woodworm can be exploited with the so-called trick of acorns. The insect prefers the smell of tree fruits rather than wood and relocates to acorns distributed in the immediate wood environment. If the typical holes in the acorns show up, dispose of them and lay out new ones. After a few passes, you are rid of the woodworms.

Product Image: Maria Madrinan / Shutterstock

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