Find and eliminate woodworm in the stairs

Similar to planks, the woodworm in a staircase is rather a rare guest. If the typical traces occur, however, must be acted consistently and immediately. The type of construction of the stairs plays the decisive role. In principle, every method is applicable. Important is the static check after the renovation.

Stairs are very different

A staircase immediately gives the impression of being a simple structure. In principle true, but the very different versions make the removal of woodworm individual challenges.

Stairs may be made entirely or partially of wood. Inlaid steps can be carried by another material such as steel. The shape ranges from gradual to spiral staircase shapes. Stair stringers offer lateral anchorages and can also be made of wood.

All mechanical connections and the individual components such as:

  • performances
  • under kicks
  • Wangen
  • railing
  • Holme
  • pedestals
  • tenon joints

Irradiate with heat the best solution

Most of the stairs are in a fairly open staircase. It is difficult to hermetically pack this space and process it with heat or gas. Accordingly, the cost of a fumigation and the hot air process are high.

In many cases, craftsmen offer the introduction of chemical poisons. Similar to all woody plants in the immediate living and living area should be avoided as possible. Removed stairs can be treated like single planks.

The spars and cheeks are normally not removable. If you are exposed from the steps or steps, a treatment with isopropanol or irradiation with a mobile microwave of a specialist company can be the ideal tool.

Whether the woodworm is active or not, does not matter with a staircase. The stability must be tested reliably and reliably. Professionals can also use appropriate tools to test the bending and traction a staircase needs.

Tips & Tricks

The breaking railings, spars, stairs and cheeks endanger your health directly, you should always catch the expertise of a wood expert (carpenter, carpenter, wood sculptor) in the uncertain case. Stair construction companies are usually less trained on the woodworm infestation.

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