Set up workbench according to function and taste

In order to buy or construct the ideal workbench for your own purposes, a list of the expected work helps. When setting up the workbench, complete or partial equipment can be realized. Depending on the space and personal taste, the fully equipped workbench becomes a workshop.

Over two cubic meters of storage space

Before building a wooden or metal workbench, it is helpful to list the types of work and materials that usually occur. Electricians have other requirements than model makers, carvers or building owners with repair intent.

A workbench usually has a dimension of about one meter by two meters at a height of about one meter. This leads to a storage space under the worktop of about two cubic meters. On the back of the worktop can also be a shelf or other Vertigo similar structure realize that leads to another half cubic meter of storage space.

Possible resulting work

In order to optimize the design and equipment of the workbench, all expected work should be considered:

  • Hammering and nailing
  • screw
  • saw
  • Assembly (gluing, screwing, clamping, nailing and riveting)
  • Dyeing and protecting (paint, varnish, glaze and sealing)
  • Smoothing (planing and grinding)
  • Bending and deforming
  • Fix dry (spreads, adhesives and glue)

Possible features

Before determining how the equipment is run, there is a second list of options implemented at the workbench:

  • Hand-held hanging and keeping and storing tools and accessories
  • Fasteners (anvil, vise, jaws, drill stand)
  • Power connection (drill, grinder, saw)
  • Punchboard as a back wall with suspension options
  • Build drawers

Texture and cleanability

A workbench must not only be stable and provide sufficient mounting options. In the various jobs are always liquid soiling before. Paints, adhesives, solvents, acids and lubricants drip and run out. Therefore, the surface of the worktop should be made as smooth and insensitive.

Tips & Tricks

In your work at the workbench a good illumination is indispensable. Very useful are swivel lights, which can be moved freely on spring or telescopic arms. For fine mechanical tasks, a lighted magnifying glass will serve you well.

Artikelbild: Gorlov-KV / Shutterstock

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