Working methods for the wooden step restoration

Before a wooden staircase renovation, the preparation of a detailed work plan is recommended. All signs of use and damage are listed and combined with the steps for the removal. Depending on the individual goal, additions and renewals such as disguises should be listed.

Timeframe and usability

In addition to recording the individual steps required for the renovation of the staircase and the usability must be planned. In particular, with changes that affect the staircase, a partial covering the stairs with protective tarpaulins or cardboard sheets is practical. As an alternative, in particular for coating work, splitting the renovation into two work steps with each second step is recommended.

As working steps and processing methods for the Holztreppensanierung the following possibilities come into consideration:

  • Clean
    A painted wooden staircase must be freed of paint and paint residues. The detachment can be done mechanically on smooth wooden surfaces with a hot air dryer and a spatula or drawing iron.
  • Repair
    Open joints are sealed with joint filler. Elastic fillers can also be sprayed under the steps to insulate the stairs against impact noise. Damage we cracks and holes are filled with Holzkitt and with unevenness partial depressions can be compensated thereby.
  • Replace or disguise components
    Broken components should be renewed. Individual stages are difficult to replace, and if this is not possible, a more extensive damage pattern should be considered by doubling and disguising the stair string. The wooden staircase can be covered with identical steps and is renewed without having to be dismantled.
  • grind
    The sanding of wooden stairs depends on the preliminary work. A stair cut can remove the traces of use with well-preserved stairs and be sufficient as a work-up. In addition, sanding can eliminate old paint and compensate for bumps.
  • pickle
    When cleaning wooden stairs, dirt and / or old paint penetrated in cracks and pores can be removed by pickling. Subsequent grinding is recommended.
  • Coating / Painting / varnishing
    Depending on the intended completion and the painting of the wooden staircase, the renovation work must be selected.

Tips & Tricks

When planning your wood trim renovation, think about the noise levels of individual operations and set your schedule so that neighbors and household members are disturbed as little and at appropriate times as possible.

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