Working with the scroll saw: Tips from the professional

Handling the scroll saw requires skill and practice. In addition, you should also know some tips and tricks, with which not only work easier, but also the result looks better. The most important of these we have compiled in this article.

Tips for the beginning

Anyone who has not had much experience with the scroll saw should definitely follow these recommendations:

  • sufficient workpiece thickness
  • initially sawing
  • Pre-drill

Workpiece thickness

Thin workpieces tend to tear. At the very beginning, you should definitely start with a workpiece thickness of at least 4 - 5 mm. At this thickness, the risk of tearing is less great.

Over time, if you have more practice, you can then saw even thinner workpieces.

initially sawing

At the beginning, get used to roughly pre-saw the shape of the workpieces. This will bring the workpiece rough shape and it will be much easier to handle. Then it will be easier for you to accurately tell the actual outlines.


Sometimes it is better not to saw in from the edge, but to thread the saw blade directly through a hole. Do not use more than one size 5 or 6 drill.

Tips for professionals

Even as an advanced one can check his way of working again and again, and learn something else. Pay attention to our tips below.

Saw out circles

Always use special round saw blades for circles and sections. Although this purchase costs money initially, it pays off in any case. Round saw blades do the work very exactly.

Saw out triangles

Here is a professional approach:

  • Guide saw blade from side to corner
  • Cut the bow to the opposite line
  • saw back on the line into the corner

At first glance this sounds more complicated, but it gives a much cleaner result when sawing.

Avoid tears

  • Especially with thin workpieces throttling the feed significantly
  • Underlay "sacrificial plate" (preferably thin hard fiber material, around 3 mm thick
  • alternatively stick adhesive tape or crepe under a thin workpiece (along the sawing lines)

Tips & Tricks

If you have a blowing device on your scroll saw, use it too! It is a real relief and also helps to see exactly where you are sawing.

Video Board: Scroll Saw Cutting for Beginners Pt1